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PSAT -- All sophomores in Oregon are required to be given the opportunity to take this preliminary SAT test at no expense. During the 18/19 school year, this test will be offered in the Fall for sophomores.  For more information, visit


ASVAB—Students have the opportunity to explore potential careers in the Armed Services and gain Career Exploration knowledge through the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

PSAT— This test can be taken again junior year to qualify students for consideration as a National Merit Scholar and other scholarship recognition opportunities.

SAT/ACT—Many college bound students will take this test for the first time as juniors, usually in May.  The SAT and ACT are the primary tests used by four-year college for admission and placement into writing and math courses.  Taking the SAT may also allow students to be eligible for scholarship opportunities.

SBAC - This test will be taken by juniors towards the end of their junior year.  For more information, click here:


SAT/ACT—Students going to a four-year college must take at least one of these tests.  Many students take either test more than once to improve their score.

COMPASS— This community college placement test is a good measure of student progress toward college readiness.  Students must take this test before enrolling in community college classes.  This test is administered at Warrenton High School.

Khan Academy is offering free SAT study prep, tailoring practice tests to your PSAT scores.
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