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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is sometimes called simultaneous enrollment.  Dual Enrollment means that a WHS student is taking a college class that will be applied for to their high school transcript.  Many WHS students will take classes at Clatsop Community College while they are students at WHS. Tuition for these classes is often paid for by the high school as part of the Expanded Options opportunities for Oregon students.

To take advantage of the dual enrollment option, students must:

  1. Complete the Accuplacer assessment for Clatsop Community College
  2. Meet with the high school administration for course approval.
  3. Complete high school dual enrollment paperwork.
  4. Complete the community college registration.

Students will be responsible for their own transportation to the community college for the classes.

To review a list of the current class schedule at Clatsop Community College follow this link: