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Warrenton High School provides learning experiences, which can only be attained by consistent attendance in school. Attending class is a requirement. There is a direct correlation between student’s academic success in school and their attendance record. Students with unexcused absences are not entitled to receive credit for make-up work, which directly impacts their grade in class. In addition, students with unexcused absences will be subject to disciplinary action. Any absence MUST be excused by a parent/guardian within 48 hours of the students return to school or it will be considered unexcused.
Please call the Attendance Office: 503-861-3317 or email [email protected]
When calling to report an absence please provide your student's name, grade, date of absence and reason for absence.
When students need to  leave school early the office must be notified prior to a student leaving by the parent or guardian. Students who have been excused to leave during the middle of the school day need to check in to the main office to sign out and let a secretary know they are leaving.