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Trade Schools

Trade Schools are designed to get you the experience and education you need to start your career as quickly and effectively as possible. They do not focus on a liberal arts education but rather teach you job-specific skills and are more devoted to training rather then education. Each school will usually have one primary focus and all classes will be centered on it, giving the student a deeper knowledge on their trade in a shorter period of time.

There are many different trade schools throughout the nation and the world. To find the one that best suits you, look through the different sites below and consult the counselor.
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Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

The Bureau of Labor and Industries(BOLI) promotes the development of a highly-skilled, competitive workforce in Oregon through partnerships with government, labor, business, and educational institutions. It protects the rights of workers and citizens to equal, non-discriminatory treatment; encourages and enforces compliance with state laws relating to wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment; and advocates policies that balance the demands of the workplace and employers with the protections of workers and their families. Oregonians who feel they have been discriminated against or who have not received their proper wages can call the Bureau of Labor and Industries or visit our web site for information and for help filing a complaint. The Bureau also promotes development of a skilled work force through its apprenticeship and training programs and provides education to the state's employers through its technical assistance services. BOLI has offices in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Medford and Pendleton, employs 106 people and has a total, two-year budget of approximately $20 million.

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Apprenticeships offer hands on training in a specific career field, are often free, and often provide a living wage while in the training program.


Includes the fabrication, installation, modification, and repair of boilers, hydro dams, tanks, pressure vessels, furnace, and more.  Applications are issues on the first business Wednesday or each month.  Call the local office for more information:
Boilermakers Local #502
16621 110th Avenue East
Puyallup, WA 98374


NW College of Construction -
Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute -
Sheet Metal Institute -

Interested in an apprenticeship program that is not listed?  Follow the following link to see all options for apprenticeships :