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What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a powerful tool to enhance student-teacher-parent/guardian communications. We believe it will help students in time management and task completion. Google Classroom does not replace the Synergy Gradebook. Synergy Gradebook will continue to be the tool to monitor academic progress. Google likens it to a digital whiteboard, and notes it’s useful for those times a student may be out of the classroom.

All teachers at WHS are using this tool and each class has a Google Classroom where teachers post assignments, class notes, and upcoming assessment dates. WHS parent & guardians will be sent an invitation to receive daily or weekly summaries of your student’s Google Classroom(s). Receiving weekly summaries is an effective way to help support students in time management and task completion. If you do not receive an invitation by the beginning of December, please contact the school office and provide us with an updated e-mail address.


What can you do to help support your student with Google Classroom?

  • Encourage your student to check his/her student Google account daily. The student’s Google Calendar will be populated with assignment due dates and upcoming assessments.
  • Encourage your student to mark assignments in Google Classroom as he/she completes them. (Reminder: Google Classroom is not the place to track student completion of assignments. Gradebook continues to be the tool to track this.
  • When your student is absent, encourage her/him to check Google Classroom(s).

If you have questions about Google Classroom(s) at WHS, please contact Assistant Principals Josh Jannusch, or Ian O’Brien.