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School/Parent Compact

Warrenton HS School-Parent-Student Compact

School Responsibilities  

  • WHS will provide an environment that provides for physical and emotional well-being.
  • WHS will provide foundational programs that place the student as the primary concern and work to support that student in meeting their full potential.  
  • WHS will foster positive relationships with all stakeholders.  
  • WHS will provide access to a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with state standards and is relevant to the student.  
  • WHS provides highly qualified teachers who deliver a rigorous instructional program that targets all groups equitably.  
  • WHS provides communication and reasonable access for all stakeholders which promotes transparency leading to student success.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Parents will provide support for the academic program with a physical and emotionally healthy home environment that is positive and caring (i.e. monitoring sleep, social media, attendance, homework/reading, nutrition, grooming/hygiene).  
  • Parents will be present for school events/activities and stay informed.  
  • Parents will have high, but realistic expectations holding students accountable while maintaining appropriate consequences and rewards.  
  • Parents will advocate for students when appropriate.  
  • Parents will communicate the significance of success in school and its relationship with success in life.  
  • Parents will ensure that their child attends school on a regular basis and arrives at school on time.

Student Responsibilities  

  • Students will become involved in school extracurricular and student activities.  
  • Students will set goals and balance social, academic and extracurricular life.  
  • Student will put effort into meeting their potential in all endeavors.  
  • Students will graduate from high school and have a plan for their future in regards to college and career.  
  • Students will follow the school rules, be self-motivated to improve their grades and seek extra help if needed.  
  • Students will attend school regularly and arrive at school on time.  
  • Students will be responsible for communicating with their teachers and family in regards to their education.