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Note from the Athletic Director

As an athletic director, I strongly believe that many of life’s most important lessons and habits can be learned through participation in extracurricular activities. Skills such as dependability, teamwork, self-motivation, and self-discipline can all be learned while playing sports. Through participation in athletics young people learn how to be successful in their future endeavors. Our athletic department strives to educate the entire individual by enhancing student growth in ways that the classroom does not. My daily drive is to lead the athletic department in a way that our community can be proud of and that our students can benefit.

The most successful student-athletes are the ones that participate in as many clubs and sports as possible. By participating in multiple environments students learn how to work with more people and lower the risk of injury from overuse. As Athletic Director I encourage my coaches to share athletes and support the others programs. If the coaches demonstrate these principles than the community and student-athletes are much more likely to follow. Doing what is best for the athletes should guide each decision that coaches and administrators make. All participants in our programs should be guided by the simple philosophy of – Do Right. One must always put aside their own personal motivations and agendas and ask the question is this the right thing for our students? For the school district? For our community? If players, coaches and administrators can always answer this question with a yes, then we will be successful on and off the field.

The Athletic Director is the primary leader of the athletic programs in the district. My belief is that servant leadership from myself is the best way to guide our programs in the right direction. My first priority is to serve the student-athletes needs and goals. I want my coaches to be creative and inspired in their own programs and to use my position to enhance and elaborate on their own visions as long as they work within our overall athletic programs philosophy. Success will be measured in student-athlete growth on and off the field and courts, not by wins and losses.

I have played and coached sports for over 20 years and this experience has been a huge factor in shaping me into the person that I am today. Through my experiences I have learned how to work hard, be a teammate, set goals, strive for greatness and deal with adversity. These experiences are vital for students as they grow into adulthood. My passion for athletics and my enthusiastic desire to help students become the best they can be is what drives me every day while working at Warrenton High School. On behalf of myself and our coaches, we look forward to working with your young athlete.


Ian O'Brien

Warrenton High School Athletic Director


[email protected]