Student Services » Parenting


Kids Health: A useful website covering a variety of topics including child development, mental and emotional health, family and school life,  diseases, and physical wellness.


The Search Institute:  Parenting tips on a broad range of topics.  Based on research about the 40 Assets that contribute to raising and educating healthy, successful kids, this website provides best-practice suggestions for both home and school.  Learn about different drugs, short and long term signs and risks associated with drug abuse, prevention strategies and treatment options, and ways to get help for your child.                                            1-855-DRUG-FREE (378-4373)


Northwest Parenting: A local organization that provides education, resources, and referrals for local parents in Clatsop and Columbia counties.            800 Exchange Street, Suite 200, Astoria


Love is Respect:  A teen-oriented website about safe dating and healthy teen relationships.  Includes videos, fact sheets, discussion ideas, referral resources, and other useful information on the topic of teen dating.

CDC Parent and Guardian Resources for Teen Sexual Health:  Run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this website provides links to resources on how to talk to your teen about healthy decisions and sex.