Class of 2022 information

Senior Parents, Guardians, & Students,
- Please order your cap and gown unit as soon as possible. It is required for particiaption in the Graduation Ceremony. You can order it here: If you need help purchasing please contact Mrs. Annat at the WHS office [email protected]

- March 1st is the final deadline for Yearbook photo submissions, and April 30th is the final deadline for Senior Portrait submission for the Senior Wall Portrait.

Know that I pushed this out as far as I could, but our deadlines to Jostens have shifted. I am giving you as much notice as I could. Photos can be submitted to the office or the Google Classroom.

Please do the following:

TWO AND ONLY TWO vertically oriented, portrait style photos should be turned in at the WHS office -or- digital copies can be submitted to the Google Classroom. Each should be put in the appropriate location in the Google Classroom -or- if they need to be scanned, clearly identified for Mrs. Annat at the WHS office. Mr. Vollner will not be choosing your photos for you. That is up to you!

Understand that these photos have to work together as a group; your photo may have to be edited to fit in with the others. This may include but is not limited to: cropping, lightening/darkening, and color balancing. I’m sure your photos look great alone, but they have to work with everyone else’s too. 

Extensive, individualized photo editing is NOT being offered. Please have your photo ready to the best of your ability.

- April 30th is the final deadline for baby pictures submission for the senior slideshow. 

Please do the following:

Three photos should be turned in at the office -or- the Google Classroom.

Understand that only minimal editing can be done (cropping, color balancing, repair, etc...).

Any non-digital photos can be scanned at the WHS office.

Digital photos can be submitted to the Senior Class google Classroom. You(your student) was sent a link to their school email.

Understand that you will not be tracked down for photos, it is up to YOU to be included.

If you need help providing a Senior Portrait, please contact Mr. Vollner or the Office immediately!
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